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Can't add photo to header in Portfolio



Hi everybody.

Recent 'recruit' to Alamy, and I'm discovering new functionality every day.

Thought I'd check out the Portfolio. Managed to add a profile photo ok, and got the whole gallery thing sorted, so that's cool.

However 2 questions :

1. Anybody else finding it impossible to add one of their portfolio pics to the header ? The 3 blue squares twinkle for (literally) hours & nothing happens for me. 

2. How do you see other photographers' portfolios?  I was looking in the Photographers section and admiring the great pics of the featured photogs, but they're not show in Portfolio mode & I can't find a search facility to browse the Portfolios. Maybe just that Portfolios are new so there isn't a critical mass of them to feature?

Thanks for any help, specifically on question 1.



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