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Whoa, Fastest QC Ever

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Shot some images this morning at 8:03 local time, received passed message from QC at 11:14. That's a personal record. Well done, Alamy.


My wife had an unfortunate collision with one of our cats while barefoot, resulting in him digging his back claws into her foot while trying to get out of her way. The knucklehead has a bad habit of getting right behind you, so if you turn around, whack. Anyway, we took the opportunity to shoot the scratches and her applying triple antibiotic cream.

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1 hour ago, John Morrison said:

Glad to hear you got your priorities right. 😕


😊 It goes without saying that I made sure both cat and wife were fine before doing the shoot. I've been photographing medical and health related stock since working at a specialty agency in the 90s. I've photographed far worse including gunshot victims.


And when life give you lemons, make lemonade.

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