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Hey, y’all! (A Sincere Louisiana Greeting)

Sarah P Hyman

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Hi, everyone! I am brand new to Alamy and a novice photographer. I am looking forward to connecting with all of you! I am very open to guidance of any kind.


My loves include my Lord and Savior, horses, sweet tea, teaching fourth graders, and my family. (A wide variety I know. Lol!)


Hope to hear from y’all soon!  

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Although we do sometimes chat, this is a forum for people who submit their images to be sold on Alamy. If you start uploading you will be more likely to get responses. Be sure to read Alamy's instructions carefully and read the forum too as many of your questions will have already been answered here.



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 I am new here , I am writer, author, blogger . I want to ask here that can i  submit my posts here ? Related to your topic?   Another thing is to earn money can we upload or post  live news here? What is the process for it ? Or IS there another way to earn money here except uploading images.?

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