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Another Not on Sale Topic

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I searched through a few of these but couldn't quite find my answer. On my dashboard, it says, 78 images not on sale. If I click on that, it brings up my Image Manager with a window showing 17 images. Under that is says, All 20 | Not on sale 15. So first, what is the discrepancy between 78, 20 and 15?

Next, if I click on one, I have found in the past, they are usually missing a caption. These are not. In addition, if I click on any image, in the pane on the right it says, On Sale at the top.  In every case, I clicked on the caption, which had anywhere from 15-25 characters, put the cursor at the end of the caption and entered a space. They immediately change to On Sale. 

Easy enough to do that to 15 (or 17 as the case may be) images, but what about the rest of the 60?



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