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Hello Simon,


I've thought on more than one occasion that I would like to live around the Lake District, but on reflection it is a double-edged sword. You have access to the most fantastic landscape in England and a coast which just begs for glorious sunsets. What you don't (easily) have of course is the rich variety of the towns and cities which probably form a large proportion of Alamy's sales. 


I think if I was in your place I would do more in the way of photographing for the Print on Demand market, rather than focussing on Alamy (you may already do so, of course).


For the stuff you put on Alamy I would aim to produce pictures involving more people doing things in the context of this beautiful landscape. I'm sure straight landscapes sell sometimes, but people pictures sell more. A lot of your pictures have a deep and attractive colour range, but by no means all of them. Where a landscape and light naturally looks a little flat, I'd be inclined to give the colours a little more saturation and contrast. Your keywording looks comprehensive and accurate, as far as my knowledge of the area goes. I would avoid using keywords which might give many false positives in searches - e.g. you have Barrow-in-Furness on pictures of the surrounding coast and countryside, when it is almost certain that anyone looking for that search term is looking for a once-prosperous-now-struggling industrial-town scene.  You might try to think more widely on your keywording, e.g. your wind farm images are crying out for keywords relating to electricity generation, environment, renewable energy etc.


If it were me there I would have lots of shots of the Ravenglass and Eskdale railway, and probably the Cumbrian coast line as well with some unique nuclear traffic and occasional steam excursion.


You have access to a lesser known, yet beautiful part of the Lake District. It won't attract as many sales a the central fells and lakes, but it is worthy of wider attention. If you can make even more of your images  go 'wow' then, when a wider audience belatedly discovers your part of the world, you will have a head start on desirable imagery. 


Enjoy the peaceful scenery. I only wish I would be there more often

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