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Gareth Sewell

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I'm Gareth, from Wales originally and living in Spain 9 years.
I've not been taking photographs long, about a year now and thought I could make some money on the side here. 
Been uploading photos for a few weeks on here despite joining in January.
From 1 day looking around the forums I can see that I need to upload at least 1000 photos to increase the likelihood of 
getting a sale. I think I need to work on my keywords, fairly basic in a lot of cases as you'll see on my photos.

43 clicks so far and 1 zoom but no sale.

Any feedback would be great and much appreciated. Am sure there are probably some schoolboy errors I'm making both on 
here and in photography in general. I look forward to being an active member of the forum and speaking to you all soon!

Take care


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