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  1. Made my second sale this month after my first last month. Seems to have sold through a partner microstock agency though for less than alamy rates Don't see how to get the image link but here's the link to the image page. https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=80213B7F-CA6B-4934-A863-ED043272AEB4 Not sure why someone is buying now a St Patrick's day related photo but hey... Edit, added the photo from the link i had to get from AIM and not from above
  2. I've not started using Lightroom, Affinity was suggested to me as a cheaper and capable alternative so I took the plunge. Loving the results so far, noise reduction, corrections, can do HDR stuff, merges, landscape combines, I've been able to correct images that failed QC originally (chromatic aberration and fringing). The only problem I'm currently having is with batch jobs not running all my macros so all I get are plain unadjusted JPEGS from my RAW files but it's a but they are working on. Plenty of free video tutorials to explain how to do things. No doubt at some point I'll need to update to Lightroom CC but for now, Affinity is serving me well.
  3. Thank you so much, I can now see, that's amazing! Will definitely check the all of alamy bit too to see what else comes up that I could do. Definitely seen a few searches without many results that my photos are now appearing prominently in
  4. I need to see how this dashboard thing works to see which searches I turn up in. Any tips?
  5. Hi Stephen! How's it going, still no photos uploaded? Are you having a problem with QC?
  6. I'm Gareth, from Wales originally and living in Spain 9 years. I've not been taking photographs long, about a year now and thought I could make some money on the side here. Been uploading photos for a few weeks on here despite joining in January. From 1 day looking around the forums I can see that I need to upload at least 1000 photos to increase the likelihood of getting a sale. I think I need to work on my keywords, fairly basic in a lot of cases as you'll see on my photos. 43 clicks so far and 1 zoom but no sale. Any feedback would be great and much appreciated. Am sure there are probably some schoolboy errors I'm making both on here and in photography in general. I look forward to being an active member of the forum and speaking to you all soon! Take care G
  7. Wow, amazing photos there!! Definite inspiration for me to do more post-processing in my photos!! I'm from the UK but living in Madrid, I'll be posting my own intro soon!
  8. Well, that's interesting, I'm a newbie and have everything as RF as that's the default and I thought safest. I don't have any releases so I could do as Betty states. Does that mean more money when there's a sale, but less sales?
  9. Spectacular Profile! Great scenery and colours, how many sales have you had now? It's been a few months and there's over 1200 photos in the portfolio.
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