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  1. No sales since May, one refunded in June. CTR has gone to 0 as well so I should probably be uploading more stuff. I did change a lot of stuff to editorial only so don't know if that has caused a problem too... as most of my photos have people or buildings in them.
  2. I've not uploaded any of my concert photos .... yet... but if I've been added to the guest-list as the photographer, so not paid for entry, and the band have said they are happy with them and have used my photos for some promotional use, then I guess I can use the same photos for commercial use if not editorial?
  3. I have lived in Madrid for over 7 years and I've still never been, it was closed for a while and now that Franco isn't buried there any more I feel better about visiting, I was on a bus which stopped outside the gates the other day so I know how to get there now!
  4. Nice! I like castles and didn't know about this one so I just read up on wikipedia, it's only recently opened to the public after being "closed" since the 50s when it was deliberately left as a shell, makes a change from one being destroyed by fire!
  5. Yeah I'm really surprised about this too, especially as they sell all around the world. I'm guessing something went wrong with the disaster recovery failover.
  6. Seems like a quiet month, no new posts in 9 days. Probably normal for August. EDIT Oops I take that back, was some problem with looking at an edited comment and it didn't show me anything in this thread after the 4th!
  7. 3 stars here, uploaded 15 last night around midnight, still waiting for QC. Uploaded 115 Sunday night late as well, Approved end of day tuesday. I think a lot of people upload on the weekend so it often takes the team a few days to get through the backlog. End of the week things get approved faster as far as I can see.
  8. I used to have a girlfriend living and working in Boston, she still lives there, married with kids now. Used to spend weekends there. I'm from Wales and people didn't recognise the accent, "are you foreign?", "Where on the continent are you from?" were common questions. I guess that says a lot, the high vote for brexit didn't surprise me either along with the other comments I've read on here.
  9. And if you don't have much luck with the imaging edge app (like I did with my sony) then I can recommend the camrote app especially if you want to take the photos off the camera wirelessly.
  10. Congratulations! I imagine they'd crop it, you have the children and the bikes and the high fashion stuff, imagine a book where the protagonist, a young model, reflects on their childhood or something like that.
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