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  1. I emailed Alamy today about something separate and got their automated response, seems like they are still out for COVID-19. Here are some snippets from the mail Temporarily, we’re unlikely to be able to answer your email due to a reduction in team size whilst we respond to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Quality Control wait times will be much longer than normal. Please bear with us and we will review your submission as soon as we can. Wait time for initial submissions will take around 3 to 4 weeks.
  2. I like the photo, it's true that some photos we don't consider the better ones are the ones that sell on here sometimes, my experience so far... I have some photos similar to yours taken in Cadiz but not on here as I did something more artistic with it and black and white, there's definitely something about cranes!
  3. Wow! To be used within the design of a bank note, I mean that's iconic and unsurprisingly would pay well. Fingers crossed it doesn't get refunded. My sale this month did, today
  4. Same for me, 3* also, had some approved next day one week ago. Fingers crossed for you.
  5. You did well with the sale, there's over 4000 photos of this on here!!
  6. What is the group called? I imagine you're not allowed to link to it here, I see one called Alamy based in india with 326 members or something...
  7. I'm trying to integrate it into my website but will probably just link it, putting it in an iframe you can't click on stuff. How do you plan to use it on social media? Just share the link around or something?
  8. Nice! Is that the Sistine Chapel, where you're not supposed to take photos? I guess that's why it's educational editorial use only? I originally tried an Alamy search for Cistine and there were 30 images and this wasn't one and I was wondering what was going on and then realised my spelling mistake after posting.
  9. Nice! I'll keep a look out. I've got a google books account too.
  10. haha, basic but ok. This could be handy to link to from my own website, or to integrate into it. It could also help with alamy SEO to help some photos rank better, I'm guessing that's why Alamy brought it in, and it's easy for me to send my portfolio to editors or content / copywriters for them to check out. I attend networking events with content creators so I guess this could be handy for that. Thanks! Good idea, something I can try next time. I have a mix, some with people and some without, I'll try some closeups next time, maybe take a telephoto with me so I can get in closer. I am using a keystone tool to reduce or remove it in some photos but I've only learned to use that recently so I'll be giving more space around buildings next time so that I don't lose so much when I "straighten". I wanted to keep a few with the converging verticals though just for creative reasons, likewise some of the La Defence ones are dark, it was getting dark anyway and these are lighter than shot but I didn't like them as much when "properly" exposed according to the histogram so left them as they were to create a moody look, I'll need to check the tags to see if I've added something like that. Have seen plenty of these darker skyline type shots used over the years so there must be a market. Having said that, fair point on some of the other daytime photos that have a lot of shadow, the one of the street/alley definitely should have been lightened, it must have gotten missed out of the edit. Yep, A7III here too, noticed a tendency towards blue, especially in certain lighting conditions or with certain lenses. Something I need to pay more attention to, I shoot RAW so should be able to correct. The AWB has been getting better with firmware updates, originally it was too biased towards yellow! I recently bought a colorchecker passport to help me, though that's more for my indoor photography, the software may help me with my editing, should probably colour calibrate my monitor as well.. Thanks a lot for the feedback, plenty for me to take into consideration. G
  11. Yes, this has slipped through the net, they were all set to that initially but some went direct on sale from QC before I could change the caption and this and probably a few more have been missed by me for re-captioning so thanks! (I'll do a proper reply on your first comment later when I have some more time) Haven't seen which photo this one is yet but you're probably right and I'll go and add more detail if I can. Thanks!
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