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4 minutes ago, Mark Baigent said:


lovely work, if I had your skills I would make a lot of those flag images for major countries, EU, Olympics etc, I imagine that they would sell.



It's quite a bit of work but a good idea. Thank you.

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My 2p worth, you have not joined a site where pretty pictures sell well. Images should tell a story or support a story. People do not necessarily buy what you want to make they but to fill a need.

Simplify the flag if you need to, it does not have to have the map underneath.

Ask yourself how many stories/messages would need RY1J21

Then ask yourself how many stories/messages/presentations could be supported by a national flag?
Ask yourself how many people could us an EU flag or a union flag to support Brexit article.
Ask yourself how many product manufactures/services could use a national flag?

Note my opinion only.

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