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Filipino news photographer


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EDIT: if you are sensitive to war/violence/death imagery, then this may take its toll. While potentially horrific in its effect, I believe it has its place, but this is not overly graphic, just real.


Just wanted to give a shout out to the Filipino news photographer who appeared on UK channel 4 news just now. Gonna try to re-watch on channel 4+1 in half an hour. 


The photographer has specialised in coverage of the physical, social and emotional results (I'm struggling for the right word, here) of Filipino president Duterte's 'War on Drugs'. For me, his images - and the way he spoke - were so incredibly powerful and emotional. Shamefully, I didn't even catch his name. My excuse is that I was too interested in his work and what he had to say. 


20 minutes now till it's on again. Not often that I re-watch the news. Sad and powerful stuff. I'll get back with his name. 


Togs name: Raffy Lerma

His website : https://www.raffylerma.com/


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