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Neil Garrett

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Hello Neil, welcome to Alamy. It seems rather quiet on the forum at the moment, possibly because it's not been functioning properly and we hardly know where we are up to at times. 


Hope you enjoy submitting here. Take the time to read the introductory material a couple of times at least to let the whys and wherefores of Alamy permeate your very being. If you are new to stock photography you will find the information invaluable. If you have experience in microstock photography, you will see some important differences in the way Alamy operates You'll also find the forum a valuable source of information.


One heads-up for now: if you have people in an image  (even if seemingly unrecognizable) you must have a signed model release OR sell the image for editorial use, marked as RM or RF-Editorial. Straight RF for unreleased  people is a no, no (and yes, I know there are other contributors don't follow this rule, but there are very good reasons why they ought to). 

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