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Upload Problems

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Have uploaded  3 illustrations to start but they failed QC because they had borders. I can't delete them, they are just listed as failed and appear in my dashboard. Now when i go to upload some new photos (after searching for photos that will fit Alamy's criteria!), the upload screen just jumps from step 1 to step 3 saying "thanks for uploading" BUT I haven't had the chance (in step 2) to upload anything!!

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Did you notice whether Alamy has shut you out from uploading because of the failure? If you have failed more than once, that may have happened. You can upload again in 10 days, if so.

I hope you’ve read the submission guidelines carefully.  You need to know and understand the things that cause failures.

dust spots


camera shake 

unsharp images

excessive noise


poor definition and contrast 

Other reasons

You can shoot any subject you desire, but they must be developed in a professional manner.


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