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Minimum pricing question

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Hello All,

I contributed images to Alamy years ago and I am thinking of starting again.  My question is about minimum pricing.   My expectations from stock have changed over the years and I've accepted that RF is probably the way to go and I don't even mind getting a dollar for a sale but only for small usage.  What I am unhappy about is subscription pricing where I can receive a dollar (or less) for major usage. I took a brief look at Adobe Stock and rejected that route when I saw they offer subscription pricing.


So I wrote to Alamy and found they don't offer subscriptions, but they do offer better deals to their (I assume) better customers.  My question to forum members is just how much of your sales do you find fits into this category?  And when they say better deals, are they slightly better, or extremely better and does this concern you?  Thanks for any replies.


Also I see you can opt in to Alamy's "Global Distribution Network."  Are they able to control the pricing for these third parties?  


Rick Boden




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