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Howdy From Corpus Christi, Texas USA


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Hi to all,

     59 year old male, living in Corpus Christi ,Texas but was born and raised in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. My photography began as a hobby, (still is really,) when I was given a Nikon S6500 as a gift. This was also about the time that I was blessed with my one and only Granddaughter who, needless to say, has been thoroughly photographed. One thing led to another and with several more cameras in my possession here I am. Seemed to me that if I could make a little money doing something I enjoy it would be a good thing.

     In a short period of time I've learned that meeting Alamy's technical requirements requires much more attention to detail than anticipated. I've had one batch fail for noise which taught me how to use reduction methods more effectively when it was present. Since then no fails and three stars so, knock on wood, hope I'm getting the hang of it.

     I peruse the forums semi-regularly and often gain knowledge and insight through the posts of other members - my thanks. I hope that I'm improving as I go and I definitely would have done things differently on some of my submissions. Some of my recent subs still need additional keywords and I think I need to prune a few off some of the first ones. I'm starting to believe that more isn't always better even if not in the green. That being said, I welcome comment and criticism from any member kind enough to take the time.

     As I gain confidence and knowledge, I hope that I will be able to contribute to some of the Forum discussions as well. I know there are many questions that come to mind. I might even be the source of an answer or two. Thanks for reading my intro.


     My best to all,


     Jody Kowaleski

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Toadstools and or mushrooms is an area I seldom visit. Precise identification is necessary and difficult. I remember my first experience was taking what I considered a really nice photo to my neighbouring professor of Botany who wouldn't commit himself without details of the soil. I decided there must be easier things to explore.


There are people here might help with identification but your first step should be to realise that precise keywording is the only way to go. That goes for just about any subject 

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Thanks for your input Robert! Extended periods of rain, kind of unusual around here, provided me with those fungal "targets of opportunity." I knew that identification would be difficult and haven't really pursued it. You're absolutely correct regarding keywords and that's a skill I intend to refine. Just yesterday I recognized several really obvious omissions and I'm certain there are more. You can't sell an image that people can't find or one that won't be seen at all.


Thanks again,



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