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  1. Very beautiful images. I hope you do well. 👍
  2. Very nice! Interesting that it's a hybrid. I have some photos of an American Wigeon from a local duck pond where mallards are present. Now I'll have to determine if it was hybrid though I recall that a female was present as well and I assumed it was a pair. Oh those promiscuous ducks! 😉
  3. What should I shoot pic needs, Brown Widow spider
  4. I suspect that many of us, though often only on the sidelines, appreciate and benefit from advice and critique given here. It would be unfortunate if the responses of a few were to discourage those kind enough to offer their time and consideration in a helpful effort. Please don't underestimate the value of your help to those not directly participating.
  5. Check back in the October found photographs thread. LawrensonPhoto has found it.
  6. I don't think they ever disappear. I did something similar early on and the photo is still in my image manager though clearly marked as deleted. Wouldn't worry about it personally but you might reinspect before re-submitting to put yourself at ease. I've noticed blockiness in the skies on the previews, some from very experienced contributors. On my monitor it looks fine. This kind of thing, (Alamy previews,) bothered me at first but I don't pay it much mind anymore.
  7. Have found no examples yet either. Sorry got it now. Very Cool!
  8. If I understand correctly then I think it probably varies by machine and user. If I "like" the wallpaper it will stay for a few days. If I'm "Not a fan" it will change on the next reboot. And yes many of mine are from other name restricted agencies.
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