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  1. Don't know if there's a way but if I turn my Android phone sideways (landscape) they're fine. I see a lot like that.
  2. I agree but think I'd remove the two spots 2/3 up on right hand side.
  3. If they're captioned and tagged there will be an on sale designation below the thumbnail in the image manager. The images will show up in your portfolio and in search results after the next update. For me it usually takes place during the overnight hours.
  4. Yes it can be. The rules are the rules however and the only way to contribute here is to pass QC. Only you can decide if the effort involved is something you're willing to put forth. If they passed then apparently they met Alamy standards. That's the bottom line. Keep in mind though that submissions are spot checked. Not all images will be inspected. It's possible for something to get through that should not. If only one in a batch fails then all will be rejected regardless of how many are waiting approval. This is largely irrelevant here. Alamy only cares about technical quality. The buyers decide if what you submit is something they require. Anything can sell, most probably won't. The more difficult part of stock photography in my opinion is figuring out what is marketable and how to supply that market. That being said, my approach is to enjoy what I'm doing, supply technically acceptable images, continue the learning process in hopes of improving and hope for the best. I hope this helps.
  5. Alamy accepts higher ISO shots provided the images passes QC. In the end its whether the technical quality meets their standards. If in doubt and seeing as you're just starting here I would recommend holding off and submitting images that you are very comfortable with. In time you'll get a feel for what's acceptable and the going will get easier. What you don't want are QC fails early on, (or ever really.) If you care to post a link to your pic in a way that forum members can view it at 100% you may get some opinions.
  6. I got one for "frau blick hinauf" and it was relevant in that the English translation is, "Woman looking up" and the image did contain that.
  7. Pretty slick! Good trick to know. Unlikely I'll ever find myself in the situation but I'll remember that.
  8. Maybe, but my daughter has an intense fear of snakes having had no such experience. Don't be too hard on yourself.
  9. Reminds me of the chigger bites I sometimes get while out doing insect macros. ☹️
  10. Intentional blur at a street festival.
  11. Yes. 10% is significant and I think a little more clarification is in order, particularly when contributors are being asked to demote their earnings potential.
  12. Yes I recently changed some of mine to editorial only per Alamy guidance. The exclusivity is what confuses me. BTW I edited my previous post to include an additional example.
  13. I agree but the email simply states, "images of artworks." Pretty vague. Not enough for me to change anything I think. By example: More than 1/3 but to me still exclusive to Alamy. But what about something like this? Exclusive or not?
  14. Yes I'd like to understand this too. Is not the photographic image of someones work of art on public display unique in that it was captured by a particular photographer, camera and moment in time? If this unique image is listed with only Alamy and nowhere else is it not exclusive to Alamy? And how does one measure 1/3 of the frame as a "general" rule and what significance does that ratio have to exclusivity? Please enlighten us.
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