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Mobile Editing Workflow (Complete standalone and separate from desktop or laptop)

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Dear Members,

So far I have around 600 pics in my portfolio and none of these have been edited on laptop or desktop. All are edited on Lightroom mobile (that's it).

The only issue I face is mobile storage which is limited. 

I do have G-raid 4 TB, which I connect directly to my mobile via USB connector and import all edited files, whenever I get storage issue.

I have tried Lightroom cc on my wife's laptop but I didn't like, I was not comfortable using laptop. I am living with two growing kids and I don't have a separate room to sit relax and edit on laptop, So most of my Editing is on the move.

I am very comfortable with my phone editing but only issue is small screen, where every picture looks perfect, sharp and spot free. I want to see my pictures on big screen to best decide which one is good enough and ready to go to alamy QC, so I decided to buy iPad pro.

Just curious if any one else out there has workflow suggestions without using laptop/desktop ?


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