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Alamy is restricting our photographs tagged with keyword "mural"

Craig Eisenberg

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Alamy appears to be using a keyword search to restrict images without even bothering to view the actual image. They went on to restrict 11 of my images, 5 of which contain no street art and entirely my own creations. 4 of these images are panoramic photos tagged with the keyword "mural". Another one is an image I created in Photoshop from a photo I took of a cityscape. I suggest they use more discretion and look at the image before banning it from certain sales. How long will it take them to correct this issue and how long has it been in place, potentially causing a loss in sales?


This is the email I received:

As you may be aware we’ve recently seen an increase in the number of complaints we have been receiving from street artists and muralists.

 Our lawyer has advised us that images containing murals shot with wider context to the image, should have “editorial use only restrictions” applied. In order to prevent any potential issues we have taken the decision to apply this restriction across the Alamy collection to all images tagged with “mural” or “murals”.


The following images in your collection have been restricted:

Alamy Ref / Contributor Ref


BB665A / D209481

C1ER4E / _D209673

BBK0AP / ManhattanPano_2006

BB646K / D209993

BB641B / D208004

BX3KF6 / DSC_0614_WC

BB53BA / D209784

C2XCHF / BombShelter_D206887

BAEM64 / D209673

BPE1AY / 3764_3773

BAEM70 / DSC2145




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