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  1. How did you find your images? I have had a tough time finding my licensed images lately. Google Image search used to work, but lately it only shows images with similar colors or subjects.
  2. On the last day of last year, I noticed a new licensing fee / sale for one of my images. The image is under a rights managed license but the sale was for a measly $5.11 USD. I don't see the value in adding more photos to Alamy when they lowball me and I get ripped off like this, just because a buyer is making many other purchases. This is the main reason I have decided to stop uploading images to Alamy. It isn't worth uploading nice photos only to see it get licensed for $0.50 a year. Is there any way to opt-out of these bulk purchase prices? Country: Worldwide Usage: Comme
  3. Thanks Martin. I recently found out about this and opted many of images out of personal use licenses but more than half of them were "greyed out" and AIM prevented me from selecting the option. How do I opt all images out of personal use?
  4. I also have been noticing a lot of "personal use" licenses for $9.99. What's going on? This seems fishy.
  5. I recently noticed an image of mine DH83W1 licensed for 3 months as editorial in 2017 for $28.48 is still being shown online. It also has advertisements embedded around and on the image!!! This does not qualify as editorial if ads are on the actual photo. There are ads for United Airlines, New York Life and Kaiser Permanente that show up on the image when viewed from a mobile phone or other devices. Clicking on the photo plays a video advertisement or takes you to another page. Doesn't this qualify as advertising use? The image of the uncooked wagyu beef rib roast is about half way
  6. Alamy appears to be using a keyword search to restrict images without even bothering to view the actual image. They went on to restrict 11 of my images, 5 of which contain no street art and entirely my own creations. 4 of these images are panoramic photos tagged with the keyword "mural". Another one is an image I created in Photoshop from a photo I took of a cityscape. I suggest they use more discretion and look at the image before banning it from certain sales. How long will it take them to correct this issue and how long has it been in place, potentially causing a loss in sales?
  7. 5/25/2015 Telegraph UK online Northern Bald Ibis Photo: Alamy (photographer uncredited) By Louisa Loveluck, Cairo 9:14PM BST 25 May 2015 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/islamic-state/11629108/Islamic-State-threatens-rare-northern-bald-ibis-after-guards-flee-endangered-species-colony.html
  8. Found one of my photos! Lufthansa Travel Guide: San Diego http://travelguide.lufthansa.com/us/en/san-diego/#top-sights-san-diego DYY824, Craig M. Eisenberg / Alamy
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