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How do I use excel to export keywords to Bridge/Alamy

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I've learned heaps since joining the forum so a big thank you to all who have contributed. My eyes and brain are hurting from all of the reading

I've only ever sold my photos directly to clients but its getting harder these days.

Until now, I've just used keywords for my own benefit to find specific photos directly in Lightroom. I just have my keywords organised into tables and cut/paste into LR

So now that I’m with Alamy, I want to use the hierarchal system that many of you use. It just seems such a better system than the one I have been using

So to the question:

Is it possible to export/import my keywords from an excel file directly into Bridge and if so how?

I've read many threads but just cant find the answer (maybe I've been asking the wrong question)

Thanks in advance

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