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  1. I immediately emailed Alamy requesting it be pulled and was advised that it couldn’t. The file was around 2mp and meant for social media. I will just count it as a lucky miss and leave it at that without making any further comments in case the additional comments raise a flag QC.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I needn't have worried because it passed QC so I'll delete it asap. QC must be an automated process because it was well down on Mp size. anyway, more care next time!
  3. Thanks for the quick response I sent an email immediately after I realised my blue so hopefully they will take pity on a newby. I tried to delete in AIM it says ‘deletion pending’ When you say banned, is that for a certain time period or forever?
  4. You only need to slightly faster than the slowest person in the group
  5. I just found this page- https://youngrory.wordpress.com/2013/08/01/how-can-you-tell-if-an-elephant-is-in-musth/ I knew about the seeping but not the others. I was told that they carry their trunk when they are tired but who knows? As always, never use a flash and never stand up in an open topped vehicle. We had a bloke also from Australia who got so excited when he saw his first elephant that it charged the truck when he stood up. The guide grabbed him and dragged him back down into the seat
  6. How can I delete a photo that was sent to QC by mistake? It was very low res meant for social media and wont pass QC
  7. Hi I've learned heaps since joining the forum so a big thank you to all who have contributed. My eyes and brain are hurting from all of the reading I've only ever sold my photos directly to clients but its getting harder these days. Until now, I've just used keywords for my own benefit to find specific photos directly in Lightroom. I just have my keywords organised into tables and cut/paste into LR So now that I’m with Alamy, I want to use the hierarchal system that many of you use. It just seems such a better system than the one I have been using So to the question:
  8. I've been searching through the forum, FAQ’s etc for several days on keywording etc and my eyes are starting to glaze over. Im not the fastest typist ever known so today, I started using my tablet and use the voice recognition to text capability to make a list of as many terms as I can think of (instead of typing each word) So far so good. I want to get my first fewsubmissions 100% right and reduce the chance of rejection One day I might even post up some images here
  9. I think that the carry-on limits/allowances are a joke. I weigh 120kgs and my fare is the same as some tiny person – and yet we both have the same carry-on limit! I just hope they don’t go the way of Tongan airlines where they charge depending on the persons actual weight I have found Jetstar the easiest and Virgin the worst. I have used Pelican roller cases buts that just a red flag to a bull. They stopped me everytime so I don’t use it anymore. I too load up my jacket pockets with gear but – a person wearing a big coat in Darwin tropics attracts a lot of attenti
  10. Thanks for the post, its exactly what I've been looking into since I joined. I've been through thousands of forum posts trying to get info on keywords. I've only ever used keywords for my own purposes to help me find pics in Lightroom. But it seems that I need to add way more if/when I start posting here. Someone mentioned the term used for her position in Canada. So should we use every term used worldwide for that particular job? Should we include the type of aircraft, airline, etc etc? As an example, here in Australia, we have numerous terms for ‘luggage’, eg
  11. Hi I've just signed up with Alamy so I thought that I had better do an intro. I have never sold any pics via these sites so this will be interesting Hope to keep learning things Mark
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