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Hi All, New Here


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2 hours ago, PhotoSteve said:

New to alamy also pretty new to photography


learning as I go  :) and learning all the time.



Welcome Steve. 

I'm still very much learning a lot every day. Feel free to ask any questions on here as they are all a great bunch of people who are really good at giving advice and tips. And it's all based on years of experience. Quite often it's useful to search the forum for a question that's been asked in the past because you often end up with a ready made debate without having to wait for replies. 


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Welcome to Alamy and the best of luck with your sales.


A couple of comments on the images you have uploaded.  I would include the scientific name when you have it in the caption as well as the tags where you have included it.  Also, I would add a general location to the caption and tags -- maybe just Spain or Andalucia, Spain.  Sometimes it matters to a buyer where the photo was taken.  I don't do detailed locations as I doubt buyers would be interested on my animal photos.  In my case, just Arizona USA not Bonita Creek, Cochise County, etc., unless there is a good reason.


Also, I'd add some commas to the caption to make it easier to read:  Scarce Swallowtail Butterfly, Pear-tree Butterfly, and so on.






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Thank you James and Robert for the nice welcome


James,   I'm sure I'll need to ask some questions very soon..


Robert,   some very good advice there, thank you those points had never occurred to me. 


Thank you both



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