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app for invoicing / qoutes and model release signatures

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Hi all.


I was wondering does anyone know of an app in which i could create model releases and docs in relation to business. and also use my touchscreen to obtain signatures on them.


Also any either seperate apps or ideally combined where i could create say a invoice for an image use or a qoute and have this sent to buyer or again have them sign it on my phone.


Im an andriod user and recently had to say to few interested parties.. "when i get back to my office" etc and as i have phone handy all the time figured it may be possible.. on the fly so to speak.



Thanks dan

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I have Easy Release for my iPhone and iPad which I believe is also available for Android.

For invoicing I use Filemaker which will create PDF invoices and attach them to email. I combine that with a client database. You could also create an estimate database and link that to clients and invoicing. It's a bit more work than other programs designed specifically for photographers but it fits my needs.


According to the FileMaker website the current version for tablets also supports signatures.





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