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Jacob Y

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Hi Jacob, welcome to the Alamy family. I hope you enjoy your experience with us.

If you read the requirements for QC it's pretty self explanatory. Abide by the guidelines and you shouldn't have any problems ;)


Regards, Davey

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 Just wanted to say hello as i just signed up for alamy. Could use some help on QC :)




As Davey said;


1) Read the guidelines properly, like really properly.


2) If you have a specific query or don't understand something, use the forum search - most questions have been asked and answered thoroughly many times before.


3) If still stuck and need a hand, don't hesitate to start a new thread or send a PM, I'll happily help (but please do 1 & 2 first).

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I'd like to tell a little story real quick.

I failed my first test submission.

SO i submitted the next one.

I submitted 7 pics and was told I was going to fail that one too by support.

But today I find my passed submission with seven pics.

Anybody else have something like this happen?

Thanks for the kind offers and support.


Jacob Y.

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