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Where was this published?

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Just had the following sale reported of my image DRTKF0


Country: United Kingdom

Usage: Editorial

Media: Newspaper - national

Print run: up to 2 million

Placement: Inside and online

Start: 01 January 2016 ; End: 02 January 2016

Additional Details: One time use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within the print and/or web versions of a single publication title. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article.


I have a strong suspicion it was used in an article about Games Workshop profits (announced on 8th Jan 2015), since the image was searched for on that day, but haven't been able to locate the actual usage.


The model was hand-painted by my nephew who would be so chuffed if I could find where his handy-work was published.


The nearest I've found is this article in the Times but I can't see the full article as I'm not a subscriber.


Is there any kind soul out there with a Times on line subscription that can check this out?

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