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Heads up for flash to use with sony RX100 mk111

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Looking for a solution for a flash for my newly acquired RX100 MKlll, I got a Metz 34 CS-2 digial flash. I can report it works well with the RX100 mklll, using the in camera flash to trigger it. Slave setting on 2 so it ignores the cameras pre flash.
I was lucky to get an unused one in a box for the princely sum of £35 including P&P. This flash has long since been superseded by a smaller less powerful version, 28 CS-2, which I assume works equally well and I think has flash +/- output control. 
It's an old world thyristor gun that comes with a wide angle and telephoto adapter which was an expensive little flash on it's release.
So if you can find one it's a useful bit of kit that of course works with most other cameras, on or off camera, so a good investment in my humble opinion. Only down side is it uses CR2 batteries but these are pretty cheap these days. The 28 uses AAA

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