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Working from External Hard Drives

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Great advice!


Marianne, you run a similar setup to me.


I run an SSD in my laptop - compared to a normal HDD the computer is now about 10 times faster - less than 10 seconds to full bootup, applications launch instantly.. but my SSD is only 250gb - that doesn't matter because all my data resides on my SBS2011 server. Although I have standalone drives in the server for backup mostly, I also run a RAID 5 which has similar (slightly slower) read/write access speeds to SSD. You're really only limited by your network. 


I would never run external drives, or basic backups again. Lets face it, apart from family pics which we never want to lose, our stock photos are valuable and should be properly protected. 


Setting up a preconfigured NAS is easy - they work straight out of the box and you can go as advanced or as basic as you like. Money would be the only drawback and I have no idea what they're worth these days. I built my own server and paid for the operating system. Honestly, there should be no reason to keep any data files locally in this day and age. If you use a laptop and you need to have certain files come with you as you're out and about - sync them. Or use dropbox. 


As far as I know, and I'm not all over this as I used to be (about when i lost some precious files  :mellow: ) but I believe some of the best and most cost effective systems are QNAP and Synology.

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