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A privilege to meet the VJ Day Veterans. Name and regiment.


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It was a privilege yesterday to meet the VJ Day veterans yesterday. I went up them and asked for a photo, got their name and asked their regiment. They often told me about their experience. 

My tip is to speak to these Great Britains as they will not be with us for much longer e.g. 103 yr old Dr John Frankland who worked as a doctor on the POWs in Far East then became an immunologist even giving us the pollen count as part of the weather. One guy Norman Roach 19th Indian Regiment was wearing his original bush hat and he told me that he was not repatriated until Christmas 1947. He said they lived in K rations sardines and Kraft cheese. He also said the boat that did repatriate him was slowly sinking and on its last voyage before scrapping. 


I noticed many pics from yesterday just said 'Veteran at' rather than giving name and regiment. I've done it myself in the past because taking pics from a distance does not allow you time to ask. But my point is that if you can go up to veterans meeting these wonderful people gives you more detail and really a very special if not privileged experience. 


Best wishes, 



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