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  1. Many thanks for all your extra comments. I downloaded Bridge for free on my new Mac as I can add Metadata details that way from Tools. Will look at Affinity Pro- seems best option. LR still working on my laptop so when out and about can use this. Best wishes and stay safe. Adrian.
  2. Hi All, Thanks for you replies. I phoned Adobe this afternoon and was told I could not use the 2016 Lightroom 6 that I had purchased on my new I Mac as it runs Catalina. I could downgrade my operating system on the Mac and then use the Lightroom or use the Lightroom on a PC on Windows. I still have an old MacBook Pro that I use when out so will have to put up with this. Or buy Luminar. Not sure that I have the ability to use Darktable. Best wishes to you and your families at this difficult time. Adrian.
  3. I found this review of alternatives too. https://shotkit.com/best-alternative-to-lightroom/
  4. Hi Again, Thanks for your replies. Think I will stick to Lightroom. Amused at: "doesn't look like it has had much editing" Well that's told me MDM. I am shooting Raw. The Lightroom that I have is 6. I am trying to avoid subscription editing software. Welcome to any further ideas about buying software. Best wishes, Adrian.
  5. Hi Folks. I have a new Mac and was using CS5 student/teacher edition but Adobe's license per month is not something I want to use. I have Lightroom an a laptop and was about to put Lightoom on to my new i Mac but checked out editing software and saw Luminar as a one off payment option. So now I am not sure if to buy Luminar 4 for the I Mac as a Plug in for Adobe & Apple products or Luminary's 4 as a stand alone product. Or do you recommend something else? Kind Regards, Adrian.
  6. I just submitted 3 pictures and have the same problem. They state 3 passed but 'image in QC' over the top. How long did it take to get them moved on to be key worded ?
  7. Many thanks for your advice. Best, Adrian.
  8. Sorry to ask this as I am sure this has been gone over many times: When I send in photos I add a caption and key words. If I had left out the name of the person in the key words do I put the name in the key words too or leave that out as it is in the caption? Also is a name e.g. Theresa May a one word key word ? I find most of my pics are orange on the slider but I think have plenty of key words but apparently little discoverability i.e. not Green. How useful do you find Supertags? Should Theresa May be a Supertag? Joke there but a point too. Best, Adrian.
  9. I agree with you about quality framing. I was at the R.A. Summer Exhibition a 5 or 6 years ago and I bought my partner a print by a famous artist illustrator. Framed it would have been £180 more. The frame was the cheapest pine frame I have ever seen. Utter con I thought. I decided to find a good framers and match the frame to a significant colour in the print. Some think it is part of the value of the print to have the original artist's frame. The picture would have annoyed me seeing an utter con for the frame. Anyhow, I love the print and more so because we chose a quality frame together.
  10. Pleased you had a good outcome Graham. I was emailed today to say that accreditation will be still be given when asked for but how do I send in pictures if accredited to an event? Do they open up the Live News feed to me for the event only?
  11. Me too. I notice the re-application requirement is to upload a PDF of picture sales 'tear sheet'. Given I exclusively sell through Alamy and they don't let us know the publication then this is a hard task. I also have an NUJ card. The 1 hour requirement discussed does limit the time taking pictures and what if while editing a bigger name appears on some stage? Best, Adrian.
  12. I have done everything suggested and politely too Vpics. Told person on holiday. My point is that it is better to be frank and not use euphemistic email replies. Best wishes, A
  13. Hi Allan and Saltanpepa, Yes I applied to 2 events and received this reply to both from company A. I also did my own application directly. One place said company A had spoken to them and had placed a photographer, another said they had added me to their list as a photographer for the event. I'm now wondering if I turn up to the event, on the one I now have access to, there will be another photographer from the same place. Yes, I did ask company A but was told the person who sent out the emails was on holiday. I think it looks bad on the company if a photographer gets t
  14. Hi All. Have you received this in an email? 'We are very sorry we are unable to assist you in applying for accreditation to this event at this time.' In your experience what does it mean? Also if you think it is a euphemism for 'we have a photographer thanks for the job', why does the sender not state that? Kind Regards, Adrian.
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