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  1. I have done everything suggested and politely too Vpics. Told person on holiday. My point is that it is better to be frank and not use euphemistic email replies. Best wishes, A
  2. Hi Allan and Saltanpepa, Yes I applied to 2 events and received this reply to both from company A. I also did my own application directly. One place said company A had spoken to them and had placed a photographer, another said they had added me to their list as a photographer for the event. I'm now wondering if I turn up to the event, on the one I now have access to, there will be another photographer from the same place. Yes, I did ask company A but was told the person who sent out the emails was on holiday. I think it looks bad on the company if a photographer gets this email and has to discover from the event's media person the company they tried to get accreditation through has already placed a photographer. It wastes the time of the event's media person replying when they are super busy in the days running up to the event and they may also think the photography company is not letting their photographers know what is going on. Be honest is a good idea for all in my view. Kind Regards, Adrian.
  3. Hi All. Have you received this in an email? 'We are very sorry we are unable to assist you in applying for accreditation to this event at this time.' In your experience what does it mean? Also if you think it is a euphemism for 'we have a photographer thanks for the job', why does the sender not state that? Kind Regards, Adrian.
  4. I was also ripped off by Trout and Salmon magazine for £30. They used a photo of mine I sent in to them of a famous spey caster, Scott Mackenzie at the CLA Game Fair on 27th July 2008 and sent me £15. I didn't cash the cheque immediately i.e. a month went by. I put the cheque in my bank but it bounced. I spoke to Trout and Salmon and they said they had changed their bank and they wouldn't send me another. Next year to advertise the Game Fair my photo was used again. I complained but no money was sent to me, so effectively I missed out on £30. This is how annoying some magazines can be. As I fish I buy Trout and Salmon magazine so I feel I really was being fleeced.
  5. Yes, vpics. I even have a picture of the photographer on the day, Well his back. Seen him before and - can't remember his name. It was on 10th July 2011 at the height of the phone hacking scandal when photographers were waiting for Murdoch to emerge with Rebekah Brooks from Murdoch's Mayfair apartment. I went up a passageway at the back of the Stafford Hotel and found James Murdoch sneaking in for a meeting with his father. I then went round to St James's place to see the photographers and told them I'd got pictures of James and then Telegraph guy asked for the pictures. I gave him my SD Card and he said he'd give me £20. Later Murdoch emerged with Brooks so the James shots were less of interest. Still a deals a deal. I should have held my hand out.
  6. Hi Snap. Don't think I've sold to the Telegraph. Actually a Telegraph photographer downloaded my pics of James Murdoch, offered me £20 then didn't cough up. I find The Sun good payers. My Corbyn pictures have done well with The Sun. It must annoy Corbyn but they are not gargoyle photos and he looks quite dignified. Who says The Sun only want Labour leaders with a bacon butties slobbering from their mouths. Best wishes and hope you get paid. Adrian.
  7. Tweeted it. Damn cheek. Had GuidoFawkes (owned by News Corp) rip off a picture I had of Steve Coogan, Tom Watson and Peter Jukes (Jukes Live Tweeted Phone Hacking trial). I drove Jukes to meet them and set up picture. I told Guido Fawkes they had to pay £300 to each of us which we would then donate to charity. No reply other than they took picture down. I remember Murdoch whinging, quite rightly, about Beeb and other broadcasters using his newspaper stories for free with very little adaptation. He said he phoned them up and they deleted the story. Local Croydon website ripped off a picture of mine too. Don't mind them as they are skint. But did say go via Alamy please next time -might be as little as £15. Best wishes and keep the thieves out of your hard earned images. Adrian.
  8. Hi Matt, Robert, Gvallee and MDM, I appreciate your help. I like to keep compatibility i.e. Nikon but their battery pack is literally a pack to take AA batteries. I want a Pack that you charge up from the mains e.g. a Quantum device I assume. Perhaps I'm wrong about this. One further question I notice some photographers are selling 2nd hand Quantums on E-Bay. Avoid as too risky or do they tend to go on and on? Best wishes, Adrian.
  9. I'm on page 6 and was on page 6 in August. St james's park photo 20 lines down. Actually not sure what the benefit of this is. Anyhow. Best wishes, Adrian.
  10. Hi All, I looked a few years ago at an external battery pack for my flash and Quantum was the make to go for. Instead I ended up stuffing extra Eneloop batteries into my pockets. I went out last Saturday and, although at an event for personal reasons, was asked to take some pictures and the battery power was a bit low so 2nd and 3rd pictures were dark. Not the first time this has happened! So I've decided to get an external battery pack. What do you recommend and what do I need to buy to go with the pack? Also I'm on a budget so not paying £455 as I see the Quantum Slim lightest pack seems to be. I use Nikons and have an SB900 and SB800. Best wishes to you all. I hardly use Forum now. I did a lot 4 years ago and folks here were great. Adrian.
  11. Hi. Geoff's right about the value of software. It is undervalued by some photographers and our cameras lose far more money. However, cameras can still take photos whereas my CS5 won't allow me to see my D7000 pictures because I cannot fully upgrade. I have an old Nikon D200 somewhere that I expect takes good photos and likewise with a Pentax K1000 film camera. Also, somewhere we have lost, or not worried about, what it is to take a photo correctly in camera. Using film we were more cautious about what we took and how we composed and getting the light right. Mechanically we cropped too. I only ever had one enlarger - so didn't upgrade that. Many of the best pictures of the past were taken quite simply e.g. consider Jane Bown's kit. However, I do recognise the latest technology is being employed to stretch the possibilities of what we can take that previously would have been a darkened blur. All very interesting posts so far. Best wishes, Adrian.
  12. BTW I also agree with Trevor 'It is one thing not to upgrade and miss out on improvements etc, but at least you still have an old software to continue to use, with this subscription plan you have nothing.' Especially as the money for photos is very low at the moment. Best Adrian.
  13. Hi MDM, You wrote. 'It's also not clear why you have not been able to update your Photoshop CS5 to ACR 6.7 which is all you need to convert raw files on a D7000. You can download this from the Adobe website - search ACR download.' I agree that I did not state that I could not update to the version of ACR that lets me read D7000 files but that is my problem. Error message appears. It is annoying. Adobe would not help and Apple couldn't work it out either when I phoned. Regards, Adrian,
  14. Many thanks for all your advice. I have never used LR and LR6 at £104 might do me for a year or so. I am reluctant to change my i mac 27 from OSX to El Capitan as I did on my newer Macbook Pro from Mountain Lion to El Capitan as I will lose the use of CS5 reading of the files for my Nikon D7000. So I can use LR6 when out and about for Alamy Live News pics and any layer work or as someone said losing a power line I will do on the i Mac 27. I may go down the subscription route in a year or 2. Someone asked why don't I contact Adobe. I have and they no longer support CS5 therefore would not speak to me. Anyhow, thanks again. Adrian.
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