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Payment reminder reference?

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hope someone can help me~~~what is the "payment reminder refrence" they are asking for. i was trying to change my details to get ready for my first payout (yes!), i was changing it to paypal pmt and the last queation is the payment reminder refrence...i just dont understand what they want??

thanks for the help~

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I also do not understand what is meant by "payment reminder reference". I searched the web (no luck), and tried the link in this forum, but it took me to a page with a message saying "page not found". Any help is appreciated.



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The payment reminder reference is the "Unique Transaction ID" (in case you choose PayPal paying method) from one of your transactions. It's only to extract the account details or payment details in case you forget them when you request Alamy to pay you out.

If you want to be paid by any other option, all you have to do is to copy the ID number from one of your transactions and to paste it onto that "Payment reminder reference" field.


I hope this helps

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 Hallo, having the same problem here, how did you solve this? when I choose paypal as payment method I'm supposed to enter this "Payment Reminder Reference" i have no idea what thai is.

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Hi I had the same question and used the 'wayback machine' to check an archived version of the link that Chrissie posted.


Short version - just write something so that you know which account you are referring to, like “my HSBC account”


If Alamy could add a sentence like this to the form:

For example “my HSBC account”

it could save people a lot of time.



Long version - copied and pasted from the 2012 Alamy blog post:



Important notice regarding contributor payment information

7 September 2012 at 15:14 by Rob Singer - Contributor Services Executive
Posted under Boring but necessary announcements

We are making some changes to upgrade the security used to handle your payment details. At the moment, once you have entered your bank details or PayPal address in My Alamy, you are able to view this information again at any time by entering your password. Internally only limited members of staff can see it. The majority see an encrypted version.

To keep up with industry standards in security, we have decided to remove this function and transfer all encrypted payment details to a secure offline server. Your payment details are secure at the moment. However, by implementing this additional security measure, we can significantly guard against the potential of any breach with minimum inconvenience to our contributor base.

Unfortunately this means that, once entered successfully, contributors will not be able to view or make partial changes to their payment details. If you need to change your payment details you will have to enter all the details again. To help you we have added the option of a payment reminder reference to this page which you will be able to see that will remind you of the account, for example “my HSBC account”. We recommend this is not your account number or other specific banking information.

Please check your payment details are up to date by going to your My Alamy page and then Change your payment and tax details. When you have checked this we strongly recommend you print a copy to keep on file for future reference. Please also add a payment reminder reference to this page that will enable you to identify the account once the information has been removed from the website.

We will be removing all payment details by 8th Oct 2012.

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