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I've not been on this forum for some time so please excuse the question if this has been asked a million times before (I did check the search)..


What is the best way you guys have found searching for your images for printed media, especially book covers?

Obviously have tried the usual way of using google image search based on file URL, as well as Tineye et al... but I'm sure someone mentioned another database / site in the past...


Any suggestions?


Thanks again,



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I always use -  http://jarred.github.io/src-img/


Src Img is a bookmarklet that interfaces with Google™ Image Search to help you find the creators of images you see on blogs that are too lame cool for attribution.

How do I use it?

Drag the following link to the bookmarks bar in your browser.

Then click it when you are on a page with images you want to track down.

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