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Back to my original response to a Wide Zoom in F mount.


I've now been using the TOKINA 16-28 f2.8 for over a month

and on several big assignments and I love this lens 90%

Chuck, Thanks for the feed back.


Glad to know that the purchase worked out,  for the price it seems like a good alternative to the 14-24 Nikon.



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Don't know if you saw the recent article about the Nikon D750 'Lens flare' problem but here it is:




I've switched back to Nikon from Canon. I miss the Commander flash mode.But more importantly,I found my Canon 6D to focus fast,but not always very accurately. After a recent hired job to photograph Brian Urlacher,I am glad I over shot or my client would have been pretty peeved.


I will get the D750 maybe by spring depending on them fixing this issue. I had the oil sensor problem on 2-D600 and the D7000 bodies prior and that is why I had switched to Canon for awhile.


I'm currently using the D7100 and just a few different lenses. I've not jumped back in with 2 feet yet,waiting to see developments in hopefully a lighter camera system. Really didn't feel the love for the A7R.



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