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Lens micro adjustment only for the odd lens rite or wrong?

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With the typical November weather and stuck indoors i decided to have a look at micro lens adjustment on my Canon 1Ds III and 7D camera's with a selection of L lenses, only to discover that no adjustments were needed, are the lens camera tolerances so good at Canon that it is only the odd lens that needs adjustment.


It would be interesting to know how many here have gone to the trouble and found that adjustment was not needed.


Or is adjustment only for the tweekers who believe that they are making it all a bit sharper!



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Paul, I don't know if it really makes much difference but it's a selling point.  With my old Nikon D80 with no micro-adjustment, I constantly suspected that there was a back focusing problem.  When I bought a new camera , Canon 5D MK II, I specifically looked for the ability to add individual and across the board lens adjustment. I think that all of my Canon lenses are set at or near to no adjustment.  My Tamron 28-75mm lens had a fair amount of adjustment.  That lens jammed and I had to send it in for service. When I got it back, the auto focus was terrible.  It did a nice job on manual focus but auto was the pits.  That is until I went to do a micro adjustment and found I needed to set it to 0, not +5 (the old setting). Lol. So, for some lenses, micro-adjustment might help get a sharper image.  

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