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Property & Model releases

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Hi everyone,


I'm new to Alamy, though have been selling through other Micro sites for a number of years.


I have a question regarding property and Model releases. I have a large portfolio of images, many are of my wife either hiking or participating in other leisure activities, I also have many images taken around my house and garden.


Do I need separate releases for each image (some go back years), or can I submit just one of each property and model release to cover them all?


The sites I upload to now just require a blanket approval release from my wife, but looking at the Alamy form it appears to be required for each individual photo!

I'm also unsure as to the requirement of releases for say a picture of my patio table and chairs, with a backdrop my French windows. My garden images sell Royalty Free particularly well at present, and I'm not required to provide releases for any of them.


I apologise if this topic has been discussed elsewhere in this forum!


Many thanks






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on Alamy you need to upload the release for every image individually. For the "blanket" procedure described by you it is probably best to ask the customer service. As an assigment photographer my releases are always shoot and shot specific.


Regarding you patio table, chairs and French windows you need a release only if those are special design quality item, or copyrighted, or belong to someone else etc.


Hope this helps.

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