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  1. 40 in 8 years from currently about 1000 images. Not really into it, uploading only now and then some images, nothing specially sellable. Congrats to all those wo sold a lot more. Sobering numbers, though. Why are we doing it? It takes a lot of time and dedication and for most of us it's probably only pocket money, the whole stuff doesn't really make sense (it probably does for Alamy).
  2. Vlad

    Website unavailable

    Hi all, the Alamy website (alamy.com) seems to be unavailable, I get following error message: "Network Access Message: The page cannot be displayed" Am I the only one or do others experience the same problem? Thank you. Cheers, Vlad Seems to have been a "short" hickup, it's working now.
  3. Ed,In All of Alamy, if you click on the menu data title, "Sales," the list of search terms will be reordered in order of sales (from most to least) and puts all the items that show 0 sales some three or four pages away (you have to click on the Sales title twice to get order from highest to lowest). I find this feature very useful to see what search terms buyers are using that generate the most sales...and if my own keywords are missing any of the terms if I have a similar image. I also find it useful to search for subjects (especially those I can find right around my house) I hadn't thou
  4. Glad to hear that they didn't impale you. LOL Maybe next time ...
  5. Sorry to disappoint you, I'm not the Impaler, my grand, grand, grand daddy is the one you are looking for :-)
  6. My last rejection has been 4 years ago, before the "extended delay" policy has been put in place. Back then you got an email that your submission has failed, online you could find out which was the rejected image, remove it from you batch and reload the whole batch. If you have more than one batch in the queue, all of them will get rejected. I suppose the procedure is the same today. Hope this helps.
  7. The same here, now it has changed to "Awaiting QC".
  8. I'm not a lawyer, but yes, as long as the producer has been "creative". You have the same problem even with buildings! And not only for RF, same for RM if the buyer will use it for advertising etc. To be on the safe side you will have to bake your own cakes and food and don't make them similar to creative ones for magazines, stores etc.
  9. I don't have enough sales and zooms to be statistically relevant, but for the sake of completeness, most of my sales (about one image per month for the last 3 years) have nerver been zoomed !
  10. None. Not unusual, I sell only about one image per month via Alamy. It is luckily only a very small business sideline, my main income comes from assignments. Vlad
  11. Another option would be to use a excel-sheet and send it to Alamy's customer services. I've read somewhere that they offer this service if you have to keyword huge amounts of images. LR plugin: yes, it is not very comfortable/ergonomic, I don't think that it is the plugin's "fault", has probably more to do with the limitations LR imposes on plugins. Guessing only ...
  12. The field I add the country to depends on how relevant this info is for the content of the shoot: very important: in the "Essential keywords" important: caption and some "Keyword" field, which one depending on what other keyword may be more important than the country useful, but nor really important: address field (I normally alway add the country to this field) irrelevant: nowhere at all, not even to the address field Hope this helps.
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