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Imagerights and collections

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To those of you having imagerights go after your infringements. Do you use their database to upload images and have thie service look for them?
Or do you submit each case individually?

That's what I've been doing with them for several years now and I feel it works for me.


They have requested I start using their database as they are not going to take on cases where we've already contacted the infringer.By the time I've turned the case over to imagerights.the infringer is too hostile,LOL!


On cases that I actually can collect from on my won,average is $1200 to $15,000 and it's received usually within 2 weeks of when I start contact.


If I turn everything over to imagerights, I'll get 55% unless they turn it over to collection who will also take a minimum of 20%. By that time, I end up with a few hundred a few months later.


If I submit images to their database,that means they are the only ones that can go after infringers on those images.If I collect on my own,I'd have to give them a percentage.


Don't get me wrong,I love imagerights and so so glad they have this business model for us.


Just wondering,if you could collect more on your own and be really stressed out doing it...would you send to them or an attorney or continue to do cases on your own knowing that if you can't collect,you can't turn it over to imagerights because you've already started contact with the infringer.


BTW-I do my homework on all those I do contact to try and weed out the crazies beforehand.



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I did a quick tot up of my pursuit of infringers since I registered one particular image (at Carolyn's suggestion) in November 2011.  It worked out that one third of the settlements came via Carolyn Wright (Leslie Burns), one fifth from my Canadian attorney and the rest from my own efforts - it helps having a legal background and in the past working for the Canadian IP attorney in the seventies.  So, yes it is worthwhile if you have the time and the image is registered.

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