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I have a photo for sale on Alamy, that's not on any other stock sites. It's also been published on my blog, and is registered with the U.S. Copyright office. I recently found several cases of unauthorized use of the photo on several web sites recently, in addition to a presumably legitimate use where Alamy is credited. My questions:


  1. When images are licensed for use, are the buyers required to post credit to Alamy?
  2. My understanding is that sales can take weeks or months to show on our accounts--anyone know if Alamy can provide a more up to date record of sales on request?

I've sent a message to Alamy support and got back an automated response suggesting checking on the forum. I'm considering taking legal action against at least one site that has used the image, but obviously don't want to bug someone who has legitimately licensed the image.

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It is not clear from your posting as to whether the image was taken from Alamy or your blog.


If the image could have been sold by Alamy a first step could be to send the details to Alamy to see if it is from their client or distributor. You will get an automated reply initially but they normally do revert in time.


Legal action is costly and not always effective in my experience. Try to trace the origin of the pics first, then see whether Alamy can help you out, if relevant. Then check whether the user has substance and is worth the cost and effort.


Good luck - I think we all share your frustration.



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