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30 October 2023 Other fees Exclusivity Admin Fee. 50.00



Hi all, first time posted here. I received an unusual deduction from my account and im not sure what its for? does anyone know. Im guessing i may have accidentally marked the image as exclusive and been charged for it?   


''Other fees Exclusivity Admin Fee. 50.00''


Also, while im here. I sold an image to a National Newspaper and received the grand some of 0.34!     Thats an all time low for me. Not sure how Alamy can justify that but hey ho. 


Thanks in advance for any help. This forum looks to be a great resource! 


All the best 



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There was a contributor contract change a while back so that Alamy would chase infringements for any image that was marked 'Exclusive'.

If they pursued the claim but found it was available for license elsewhere, so not really  'Exclusive', then they could claim any costs involved from the contributor.

Seems like that is what has happened to you.

It would be interesting to know what the image was?

A lot of people have pictures of artwork that are only on Alamy and therefore are marked 'Exclusive' but cannot be marked so.

Therefore theoretically they could fall under the same punishment. It would seem a bit heavy handed if they do as it would be quite easy to see it was an artwork.


There is also this where somebody else reported the same


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