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CAA "Call for input" on drone regulations in UK

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The CAA has issued a "call for input" on proposed changes to the drone laws in the UK


"As uptake of UAS grows, regulation needs to effectively mitigate safety and security risks, whilst meeting the needs of UAS users. The CAA have identified opportunities to improve regulation of UAS, including simplifying the categorisations of operational requirements, and adopting product requirements to ensure UAS are safe and secure by design.

This Call for Input seeks views from the UAS community on opportunities to improve regulation of UAS, to ensure it is fit for the future. Feedback will be used by CAA, in addition to other evidence and analysis, to inform a future consultation on the changes we propose to progress.

Responses to this Call for Input are required by 7th September 2023."

Subjects covered include redefining of weight categories, remote ID - the possibility of all your personal data & flight logs being recorded on a central server (issues there with data security ofc), strict geofencing, aligning our regs with other international regs (EG the EU standard), simplifying the categories and making drone manufacturers supply the info on what new users can do, and more. 
Deadline is 7th September

I imagine there's quite a few 'togs with a drone now, especially the sub 250g category. The CAA info seems to be a bit behind itself, as they seem to think that only over 250g drones have such features as obstacle avoidance - the new DJI Mini 3 Pro has this. 
So I think it's worth completing the input form, link here - first if the background document, second is the form:




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