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Twitter and images for POTM



What is the best way to display images when submitting to the POTM @alamy?


This method doesn't always work (although it does have the advantage of a clickable link to the image):


  1. Go to the source page on Alamy 
  2. Copy the page link and shorten the link in bit.ly 
  3. Paste link in Twitter post
  4. Add hashtags and image ID. 


I've noticed some folks use the Alamy preview image which is fine, but no link.

Is anyone else frustrated with the process?


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Alamy say that all they really need is the Image Ref. but it's nice to show the image also. For posting on here I just dragged in the image to the post from the zoom page but as you say that doesn't result in a clickable link so I add the image ref as well, also if you want:


A URL in the form of www.alamy.com/imageref will always go to the zoom page for that image.


A text string in the form 'imageref1 OR imageref2 OR imageref3 OR....' can be pasted into the search box and will bring up all the images for Alamy to view.


However if you want to put them into Twitter then there is a 'Share' option for Twitter under the zoom.

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