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Vector uploaded via FTP not showing up in Image Manager



I'm experiencing difficulties uploading my vector images (eps + jpg with metadata) through FTP. From my understanding, after a successful upload, the images should be visible in the Image Manager under QC status. However, only a portion of them have shown up thus far. I'm unsure whether the issue on Alamy's side, a problem with the image format, or an incorrect uploading method. Additionally, I'm wondering if this could be a result of a processing delay, requiring me to wait for several days. Any advice or suggestions on potential solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @AdamLevy,

I too have the issue when I browse for my files from the FTP Client app. In my case most of the times, none upload. However, when I drag and drop in the client I do not have the problem. The files are in QC within minutes. However, unlike you I do not upload folders, I upload just the EPS vector files. 


When you upload your vector, you should not be waiting for days. If at most overnight you do not see your files, re-submit. However, your files should be visible on Alamy within minutes. As to where the error is, that I have not figured out.


Best wishes


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