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  1. Hi MDM, Thank you again. I made some adjustments. Not quite finished as yet, but I'm looking forward to sales soon. Regards Jacquelin
  2. Thank your for that tip John Regards Jacquelin
  3. Thank you MDM for that information. I never thought of adding keywords or caption "lily crop" or "lily farm" to that image since they are all wild lilies. They are found mainly in the southern coast line of the island where natural ponds are formed. Thanks again. Regards Jacquelin
  4. Hi Betty, Thanks much for the information. I must admit even though a few of my keywording include the country, Jamaica, I have been forgetting to add it to others where it is relevant. Thanks again for that very important reminder. It is much appreciated. Regards Jacquelin
  5. As a user of images I can understand the importance of having multiple variations of a subject. There are several times I see what I want, but not the angle I want. In my opinion, for commercial stock having variation is important. What I see that does not make sense, is conscious multiple uploads of the same image. I do not see the sense of that.
  6. That raises another question. If Alamy market targets mainly editorial customers, why encourage mass uploads of commercial images?
  7. That would explain the reason for not getting any sales even though the images I upload here include those that are selling on other platforms. Frankly I am now thinking that I might not do well at Alamy since I do not consider my photos to be editorial material. Regards Jacquelin
  8. Hi Vicky, Thank you for that bit of encouragement. I believe you are uploading since longer than six months, hence I have one question for you. How long since you start uploading to Alamy? Regards Jacquelin
  9. Thanks Ian and Chuck for your responses. The main points are noted. I will continue to upload at the same rate I have been. I hope the images I do upload are those included in Alamy's market demand. I should believe the reviewers do choose quality images, and since my images are being sold on other platforms I have no doubt that the quality of my images is acceptable. It follows then, that I will be watching volume as against time to decide if I'm satisfied with Alamy's sales performance as it is related to the images I upload. it is still early days. Best wishes Jacquelin
  10. Hi Ian, You have just clipped my wings. In my opinion, regular sales at 5,000 is suggesting significant sales will be at about 10,000, and suggest that Alamy marketing strategy is poor. Of course my definition of regular sales is at least 1 sale/month on an average. On another platforms I have been getting regular sales way below that figure. As a matter of fact, on an average, on the other platforms I submit to, sales start at lest than 500 and gradually increases based on my frequency, and possibly volume per upload. The platform that now has most submission, has just last week reached
  11. Hi IanDavidson, With regards the attached quote in responds to Alex, what do you mean by "mid thousands"? You may please sight an example range in your answer so that I can understand? Regards Jacquelin
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