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Are parts of Alamy now just a showcase for PA Images?


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Aloa Alamy,

Yes it's Saturday eve, so why not spend a few minutes of my time ranting a bit. It's very therapeutic, after all. So. The "Alamy Collections"... Touted prominently on the Alamy front page is, for example, currently the "King Charles III" collection. Dive in, and it soon becomes obvious the pics are marked PA Images. 

Ditto when going into the EMPICS Entertainment collection. All pics on the EMPICS website are branded and watermarked PA Images. (though some are not actually by PA staffers originally but by the Empics regular togs).

The effort to showcase all things PA Images extends to social media, where PA Images work is tweeted, insta'ed and bush-telegraphed all the time, often despite several long-standing Alamy photographers filing form the same news event. No, I know not many actual clients ever get the time to look at agency social media anyway, it's mostly contributors who will browse those accounts, but still...why are these suddenly so PA centric?

I know there'll be some "totally logical" excuse for all this, as usual, and no, of course PA isn't now given priority in any way, and of course Alamy News isn't being phased out as we keep being reassured...?

Anyway. Rant over. Night, night. 


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