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Really 50 keywords for good discoverability?

Aul Zitzke


Hi Forum,


what are your experiences concerning the amount of keywords? I wonder if it´s really necessary to have 40-50 keywords on every image. For me it makes no sense to have lots of keywords, when there´s nothing much to say. For example a portrait of a dog: I am sure, 10-20 relevant keywords would be enough. Would you add keywords like "mammal", "fur" or "hairy" just to have 50 keywords at the end? 😄 I´m really thinking a lot about this question. I am a stock contributor since 2018 now and was most successful on Adobe Stock. On Adobe it is often helpful to use just 10-15 keywords to get your images displayed on top of the search results. What is your experience on Alamy? Are there similar algorithms? Do you sell images with "poor discoverability" as well as images with "good/optimized discoverability"?


Best regards and thank you in advance.

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