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Distribution opt out still not working



I just received distributor sale but am opted out of distributor sales. This merely means that the Alamy system is still broken and those opt out options don’t work. I mean, we got a bunch of China sales and then Alamy says they have fixed the issue for those who were supposed to be opted out.  Now, i received an distributor sale after all of that China mess.  Alamy, please get your act together.

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Hi @joe_belanger,

You should by now stop receiving those low China sales since April. I fought all last year and my account became a mess with all the embarrassing sale and the effort to damage control. I tried opting out of China before April and had the same experience as you. We were supposed to be paid in full for the sales for that time but to be honest, I don't know if we were because what I saw added to my account was equally embarrassing. Any way I was advised to opt out of distribution April and experienced zero sales since until I decided to opt in again minus China. Since then I have only One sale. It would appear, most of Alamy sales is through distribution. I suggest you cut off the limb (China) that is giving trouble and continue with the rest of the countries. If there are others, eliminate them one by one until you end up with reasonable people on your list. Just remember that you can only do this on the First of April.


Best wishes


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