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Use of AI in image recognition on social media

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Just before Christmas a local museum that I follow on Twitter was posting items from the museum each day as part of their Advent Calendar. I was slightly bemused when I was prevented from seeing one of them because......

"Age-restricted adult content. This content might not be appropriate for everyone. "

It turns out that
 I haven't entered my age in my Twitter profile but I was still intrigued to know what on earth they had posted so I asked them. They were as bemused as I was but sent me a screen shot, it was a small carved stone statue of a snowman that had been buried in a Time Capsule in 1731. Twitter AI had thought that it was something else altogether but it was way off the mark.


Another popular thread that I follow is 'Massimo' who posts about extraordinary things from the natural world. Yesterday this post caused big problems:




The entire account, with almost a million followers, was blocked for posting 'non-consensual nudity'.


Now that's quite a serious offence, not something anyone would want to be accused of. Remarkably appeals to the maverick Twitter CEO himself had the account reinstated within 12 hours, I'm sure not everyone is so lucky.


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