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Is this another new net zero license category?


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Hm. Sales this month have been better than last month, mostly driven by better live news print sales. The stock side is declining fast for me. However, amid the end-of-month reported sales are two in a license category (if it can be called that) that I hadn't seen before. 


Country: China
Start: 01 December 2021
Downloaded 1 time
$ 0.12



Country: China
Start: 01 December 2021
Downloaded 5 times
$ 0.58



Both are travel shots, nicely edited, without people or property (but are marked RM, though not 'editorial only', some of the very few images I have that are not marked as strictly editorial). I should add that I have distribution to China disabled (novelty use is also disabled), so I assume this must be a direct "sale". What worries me even more is that there is almost no information given regarding the license. Start date is 01 Dec 2021 (but purchased today, 30th June), no info on duration, terms, length of license, resolution etc. Zilch, nada, niente.  And apparently sold at $0.12 a pop, or $0.58 as a 5-a-go.  Has anyone seen these before or knowns more regarding the license terms? If my images are now available to download for pretty close to nothing, in China, potentially at high res, then that would be a real game changer for me. 

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