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Okay, so would it be bad of me to donate £1?

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I've been looking through my recent sales. Not many, but hey ho, I'm certainly not complaining and have no issues with Alamy!
I noticed that one of my photos has been used and there are notes about its usage.
It's an editorial photo of a Timpsons shop in Chester.
I earned $1.46 (after commissions etc) for my efforts.
I also took other photographs on the same day and have earned some income from them.
My total stock photography earnings across all agencies has since 2012 paid for my D5100 and twin lens kit. And most of my shoulder bag.
That just leaves another 3 lenses, 4 flash, 2 constant light rigs, remote release, SD cards, batteries, shoulder straps, tripods, etc to pay for before I turn in a break even.
Now, according to the notes, my photo was used as "Editorial broadcast – UK only, stills used in October on Lorraine Kelly as per agreement"
I've done the reverse image search stuff, but can't find my photo.
However, my googling efforts reveal that sometime in October 2021, Timpsons was praised for footing HRT bill for colleagues going through menopause. 
I assume that this might be where my photograph was used - it would be a "Lorraine Kelly" sort of subject for sure!
I'm "on" UC and would like to donate my "profits" from this photograph, but would it be rude of me to just donate £1


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