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Change in login id name

Mani Nair

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Dear friends,

I am Manikandan Nair from India and recently joined Alamy.  At the time of  registering in Alamy  I have given an old gmail id  and now i came to know that gmail account is not recoverable.

Is it possible to change my Alamy login id  now ?   All other particulars given by me are correct.    If the id can be changed what  are the formalities?

Please help.


Manikandan Nair

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If you can log on to Alamy, go to your dashboard and click on 'account settings' next to 'overview' (the page you will be on) and you can change your email address.


If you can't logon to Alamy then you will have to email customer services.



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44 minutes ago, Mani Nair said:

Thanks Stokie,  I can login with the login id maninair1964@gmail.com,  but it is an old gmail and it is not recoverable in gmail.     Is there any problem if I login with this login ID.


I don't know - give it a try........



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