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Critique and feedback please for wildlife portfolio

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I began with Alamy three months ago and would appreciate your views and guidance on my portfolio of wildlife images and realistic chances of any success. I've uploaded 543 images so far, have 3 stars,  1541 views with only 2 zooms (average ctr 0.07).

I'd be very grateful for your opinion ...https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pl=1&plno=683459

Many thanks in advance (and hope!)



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Hi Nicola
Just my opinion and you clearly have no issue with the quality of your images. What struck me was the large number of "similars" where for example as a prospective buyer I would be hard pressed to spot any discernible difference in terms of say images T483RA and T483RE both images of an ostrich which even on close scrutiny look pretty identical.
This also applies to some of the Rhino and Giraffe images where unless the prospective buyer is very particular or specific, I would imagine that any of several similar images might fit the bill for their needs.
As a result your 563 images would be considerably reduced in terms of the effective marketable images  in your portfolio.

If say the ostrich was looking first left and then right in 2 different images, this could be significant in terms of balancing the page layout for printing, but otherwise I'd be inclined to be  a little more strict with yourself and choose just one.
It may be that your zoom and view numbers reflect this.
The other thing that struck me and again a purely personal opinion is that being wildlife the images are generally very static. There isn't a lot of movement evident, although you have got impalas running, but that is very much the exception. It was a criticism levelled at me that I had too many "birds on sticks"
It's not a precise science and others may have differing views.
563 is a small portfolio in the Alamy scheme of things, so keep at it and good luck.

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Thank-you very much Richard for taking the time and sharing your wisdom.


I completely accept your point about "similars". I should have paid better attention to the forum before I began, as I mistakenly thought that the greater the volume of images the better my chances. I shall adjust future uploads accordingly.


I'll also aim for more action - something I had not considered before. I've taken a quick scan of your own portfolio ... I'm envious of so many stunning wildlife images ... I can see what I'm up against! The action element in your pics really is apparent, I understand now how that adds greatly to the image and its appeal.


Very many thanks again,




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Thanks for the kind words Nicola. In truth, many of my images are also static because I was cautious about motion blur, but in truth I haven't had any problems with Alamy QC.




The above for example illustrates my point I hope that motion and movement can add appeal to potential buyers.

You've cracked the hardest part so keep submitting.


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