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Cotswold Cameras

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Upgraded my camera last weekend, also added a new lens and a Nikon flash, supplied by Cotswold Cameras. Communication with the company was brilliant, regarding tracking, and an extra two year warranty upgrade on top of the firm's own three year one.


All the items were Nikon gold boxed and I'm delighted with them.  Grey imports? Yes, I believe so and I'm not concerned about it. The price for the camera, lens and flashgun were just above what the camera alone costs by itself. I'm not a professional shooter and this new kit allows me to supply hi quality images to Alamy without sending the wife, children, grandkids down the mine or up chimneys. to offset the cost.


If you're a contributor like me, then sourcing your kit from Cotswold Cameras is worth a look. They've got my trust and seal of approvel.





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